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- Here's mine as of a few days or so ago.. Desktop ...2010.07.23 18:45:00
- Edited by: master bates on 16/08/2006 11:58:24 game time codes are the best in my opinion, shatter ...2006.08.16 12:27:00
- Edited by: Asharin on 15/08/2006 12:06:41 Not read the whole thread, just some of it, but as a newe ...2006.08.15 12:05:00
- Yeah Welcome to Eve, I started in late 2005, but I was still into SWG then (bleh silly me) and didn' ...2006.08.15 11:52:00
- I was lame anc changed my portrait ingame cos, I hated my original, yet I still see my old one on he ...2006.08.15 11:14:00
- Oh and a vagabond is not a t1 frigate no matter what you say :) One of you guys was camping outside ...2006.08.13 14:43:00
- As I said to you in a convo spaced. As far as we were concerned, you chasing us was just to pick o ...2006.08.13 14:41:00
- I still think we should get rid of NPC corps.Have newbie players in NO corp, and allow wardecs on in ...2006.08.12 11:22:00
- We all pay rent for our houses, so why dont we in eve? (im not talking about storage rent like offic ...2006.08.11 15:57:00
- Yeah we got a friend in corp with the same problem. Sometimes he can go all day, sometiems it;s ever ...2006.08.11 11:47:00
- Oh Hey Hiss! Dominus Nihil now have an eve section too, got around 15 members so far in Eve, but we ...2006.08.11 11:06:00
- Thank you for all the offers of help, it was greatly appreciated. However Oriundus CIneris have now ...2006.08.11 10:07:00
- Correct, half of them are, half of them aren't. We did nothing to them, and yet their more experien ...2006.08.11 02:05:00

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