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- This is also my last day in eve, so farewell eve people.Sorry but you can't have my stuff because I ...2011.08.01 04:46:00
- crosstrade allowed?1 super cap for 3 sheep ? +3 ...2011.07.28 08:53:00
- I wish there was a way I could use my isk to buy or subscribe to another game. Get some sort of res ...2011.07.28 07:34:00
- What I want to know is what can us, the players, do to get CCP to be enchanted by us again. Cancel ...2011.07.25 05:15:00
- Yeah, I am playing Perp. At first I wasn't sure but I am now getting to like it a lot. If you play ...2011.07.24 05:50:00
- Because of Age of Conan I would never touch Secret world. I can't imagine ever wanting to go anywhe ...2011.07.23 06:37:00
- Because we pay a sub, and a extortionate sub at that. One or the other but never both. ...2011.07.23 06:30:00
- This could be just the tip of the iceberg with many subs waiting to expire. Who knows? It wasn't s ...2011.07.23 06:26:00
- Did you know that the word 'monocles' is a anagram of 'B0llocks'? ...2011.07.23 06:09:00
- its funny how every ad for Eve makes the game look totally different than it really isYou find yours ...2011.07.23 05:32:00
- I'd like moar lag and also moar loading. kthxHaving a chess board in carna seems like a great idea t ...2011.07.23 05:30:00
- 183. When you totally see a Ragnarok in the clouds and you think it's worth taking a shot.http://i.i ...2011.07.22 10:59:00
- Personally I find eve to have become old and tired and has taken to many wrong turns to ever be the ...2011.07.22 06:06:00
- Just like eve was in the beginning. You need to give the game a little time for it to pay off.I'm af ...2011.07.22 05:51:00
- CCP was doing something nobody else had done. They were leaving a game world open to players being ...2011.07.22 05:40:00

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