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- I havnt noticed a difference in missions/pvp, but then again, i have always used TP drones - gets th ...2008.11.14 02:33:00
- Myself and a mate have both dropped you and yumyummy an evemail. ...2008.03.03 07:29:00
- Target painters have stacking penalties too don't they? So 8 painters wouldn't cause that much of a ...2008.02.28 18:57:00
- I don't think so... it's ew and as a rule they all go in mid slots. though I got no problem with exc ...2008.02.28 12:39:00
- screw that then i lose the 15k bonus on drone range.Keep it where it is.and huh? your drone link aug ...2008.02.28 05:30:00
- Not just the raven but many caldari ships. Tps are a hugely underused item because of the lack of v ...2008.02.28 05:22:00
- well all ew should be highslotsI dont think we would get that anytime soon unfourtanetly. Hell id b ...2008.02.27 20:48:00
- Gee thanks Serith. And i dont whinge, i batter you with constructive argument over and over and ove ...2008.02.27 19:18:00
- I know personally for the raven, it wouldnt effect my DPS. 6 siege, one smart bomb or large neut or ...2008.02.27 16:47:00
- Well after the love they gave to torps, which pretty much made them usefull in pvp again(i had given ...2008.02.27 13:12:00
- I know it may cause some outcry, but why not move the target painters to a high slot item instead of ...2008.02.27 12:08:00
- Are you in a fleet or solo?Its a nice effective, but your range is rather limited :s Although i adm ...2008.02.15 06:05:00
- err ispleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasea valid response? ...2008.02.15 05:25:00
- Damn.Im a geek?**** i thought geeks were meant to be smart *sigh* yes on all parts including the guy ...2008.02.15 05:21:00
- ok i lol'ed, imagined greasy fish and chips raining down all over the world.. then cried when i real ...2008.02.15 05:19:00

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