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- Down here this morning as well. Live in [email protected] generalizations of a whole group of pe ...2011.04.15 11:53:00
- With perfect skills which Amarr battleship is the best for zerging through level 4 missions that are ...2011.01.23 02:17:00
- I support this idea. ...2010.07.06 00:19:00
- Here's my reason:New players .... "have" to spend about a month training skills that do jack **** ...2010.06.30 22:58:00
- I'd like to see learning skills stay. It adds spice to character development and haven't seen a soli ...2010.06.30 22:42:00
- Used them all on Planetary Interaction skills as I have little to no charisma. ...2010.06.30 22:29:00
- you CCP ...2010.06.24 16:38:00
- I would like to request, with respect, a small skill training reimbursement if at all possible for t ...2010.06.24 15:31:00
- ...2010.06.15 14:45:00
- Hey all need some help.I am Gallente first off. When I first started EVE I joined a corp in Amarr sp ...2010.02.02 15:35:00
- My question is what is the main difference between those two types of drones. I'm on level 3 mission ...2009.04.02 01:55:00
- 1. Do you know what the In Game Browser (IGB) is?Yes 2. How often do you use the IGB?Sometimes when ...2008.06.27 11:12:00
- Thank you for the great info. Got a lot of reading/learning/training to do but at least I know where ...2008.02.05 16:53:00
- Where can I find a guide or a walkthrough on:Where to get blueprints? How do I invent stuff? Tradi ...2008.02.05 12:33:00
- Edited by: Omish Dave on 12/09/2007 20:53:44 Edited by: Omish Dave on 12/09/2007 20:52:34 If every ...2007.09.12 20:52:00

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