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- I'll be online on this acct most of today if you wish to convo. ...2006.09.04 16:48:00
- Edited by: Rutta on 04/09/2006 14:21:01 Edited by: Rutta on 04/09/2006 14:07:29 Hello. This charac ...2006.09.04 14:06:00
- Lol nope, wouldn't exactly work... although if you really want to fight instead of try to crash a ...2006.07.31 12:50:00
- both are a bi-product of Eve's game mechanics meaning numbers > skill. They're only playing within t ...2006.07.30 13:26:00
- I know you guys have your own humor but I never thought you were stupid yes you did ...2006.07.29 22:19:00
- The tasteless and offensive sig is not part of the game.Threats against players are definately out o ...2006.07.29 13:20:00

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