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- Since obviously EKU can't teach you how to construct a survey, I would suggest that you drive 30 min ...2008.06.22 05:28:00
- Edited by: Asuka Smith on 18/06/2008 03:48:25 Warfare link specialization does not affect mining ga ...2008.06.18 04:57:00
- This is actually what the CSM was created for. This incident should certainly be reviewed, as its t ...2008.06.12 18:02:00
- I sort of liked the idea of making them mini command ships. That would allow them to "coordinate as ...2008.06.04 00:18:00
- Edited by: Ulstan on 02/06/2008 18:06:29 1400mm artillery as is stands arguably represents the wors ...2008.06.03 09:31:00
- I agree, this ship has been broken for FAR too long. ...2008.06.02 20:06:00
- Supported. The only reason to fly a Minmatar BS in a fleet battle is that you don't have another ra ...2008.06.02 17:49:00
- Awesome. 11/10, actually 100/10!(the only thing that really bugged me was that entire pod thing, bu ...2008.05.30 22:38:00
- Fountain core is the only example I can name off the top of my head... some places in Aridia... ...2008.05.26 15:51:00
- /signed ...2008.05.23 22:27:00
- /signed ...2008.05.23 22:26:00
- To be honest, I've found firing at a POS in a dread far more fun than sitting on a gate guarding the ...2008.05.23 10:08:00
- Gas cloud mining? ...2008.05.22 13:55:00
- Edited by: Hllaxiu on 16/05/2008 14:55:02 You are a German soldier in WWII. You would effectively h ...2008.05.16 14:54:00
- This doesn't make sense, it can't possibly be an official act by the Gallente Navy - its not the way ...2008.05.15 14:28:00

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