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- When are we going to see darker skin complexions for all? Or at least the Vheriokior? I while the da ...2011.01.27 21:47:00
- -------:My Positive & Negative Thoughts About The New Character Creator:-------Awesome. You guys hav ...2011.01.21 13:56:00
- Edited by: LeJen on 21/01/2011 06:28:20 -------:My Positive & Negative Thoughts About The New Chara ...2011.01.21 05:34:00
- Whoa, thanks for the info everyone. Based on your input I've come up with the following two setups. ...2009.01.07 21:40:00
- I've been purely a typical minmater pilot, where all my skills are focused on maximizing dps, but I' ...2009.01.07 07:22:00
- Figured as much Ralarina, thanks. :) One final question, if I were to convert my 2nd account from a ...2008.12.31 15:56:00
- Thanks for the info. Looks like I need to power up my other computer or convert my 2nd account to a ...2008.12.31 07:46:00
- You should know, my new account is still in its trial phase, meaning I'm attempting to run a trial a ...2008.12.31 03:11:00
- I've been told running 2 instances of Eve simultaneously is one of the hallmark features of the game ...2008.12.31 02:43:00
- Hey, I've recently lost my BS during a PvE Mission. Fuming, I warped back to the agent to drop the m ...2008.08.13 23:55:00
- Not all of them. . . . but c'mon, all can't be lost for the Vaga. CCP wouldn't completely render a s ...2008.08.08 23:19:00
- Highs- 5x 425mm Vulcans - 1x Hvy Missle LauncherMeds- T2 Warp Distruptor 24km - T2 MWD - 2x Large ...2008.08.08 21:40:00
- I thank you all for your help, especially the links, they have been useful. :) ...2008.08.08 13:26:00
- I appreciate the input from the both of you, though I'm still hoping to see more from others. Is slo ...2008.08.07 19:06:00
- Edited by: LeJen on 07/08/2008 19:12:20 Edited by: LeJen on 07/08/2008 19:12:02 Hi, I'm currently ...2008.08.07 14:28:00

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