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- Knock Knock..? ...2010.12.16 11:10:00
- Maybe "Engrish" is not native language, ads something to "being nervous" Just my 2 isk.Me no engli ...2009.03.07 23:07:00
- Edited by: Dell Piano on 07/03/2009 22:46:11 •Which test - March 7•OS version - Windows 7 64 Bit ...2009.03.07 22:41:00
- Thanks CCP First you give us "Wormland" and now a much needed skillqueuemany millions thanks aga ...2009.02.04 22:26:00
- Living in "Wormland" won't be easy, but i'm going to try it anyway. Thanks CCP for all the good ...2009.02.04 16:58:00
- I''m stuck to in kakakela. When i created an alt i could log in but i can train no skills as my mai ...2004.11.26 19:47:00
- When starting the eve client and loading a character the game stops loading at the ''Entering Game a ...2004.11.26 19:37:00

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