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- I was very disappointed in the live event. Sure it was fun shooting a dev. But there should have ...2011.07.20 22:04:00
- Will you have a larger presence at GenCon in Indianapolis this year? Sadly I can't make it out to B ...2011.03.03 00:50:00
- Supported as uzi's clash with t-shirts. ...2011.02.08 19:22:00
- Can we have the ability to repackage stuff in a POS corp hanger please? Can I have your stuff has m ...2010.09.04 21:05:00
- Supported. ...2010.09.04 20:57:00
- Supported. I'd like to see the implementation of a ship hanger into the freighters. Something larg ...2010.09.04 20:33:00
- For the second year in a row, CCP has decided not to market EVE at GenCon in Indianapolis. Indeed, ...2010.09.04 20:29:00
- Supported. ...2010.07.26 16:15:00
- I would want the following.30 days unfueled. You have to declare war You have to attack the POS to ...2010.07.15 15:56:00
- Supported.Insurance payments resulting from Concord losses needs to stop. These are payments result ...2010.07.15 15:29:00
- Edited by: Ahsekuaw on 07/07/2010 03:46:41 The war dec mechanic does need some lovin. This isn't i ...2010.07.07 03:46:00
- Do it.Ahs ...2010.07.07 03:40:00
- Supported. Further, drop the minimum number of members requirement. Ahs ...2010.06.23 01:37:00
- Supported ...2010.06.12 21:11:00
- The other key is building CSM credibility. That can only be done by showing results, which means pro ...2010.06.09 16:55:00

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