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- Why not have strategic arrays only anchor-able at TCUs? JB at TCU, jam gates, jump bridge goes down. ...2011.08.23 05:25:00
- Edited by: Bob Niac on 23/08/2011 04:58:20 So you are saying you would like CCP to loosen docking r ...2011.08.23 04:56:00
- Personally, I would rather see a "Secure Courier" option. Something like UPS or FedEX does where you ...2011.08.22 00:28:00
- First .. a few questions.Are we still at a point where altering game mechanics to include a second o ...2011.08.21 17:05:00
- Edited by: Bob Niac on 19/08/2011 04:39:55 How about a wiki style map that is designed to be edited ...2011.08.19 04:37:00
- tl;dr: Jump bridges are dead! Long live Jump Bridges!Transition JBs over the the jump portal mechani ...2011.08.18 15:06:00
- What about incursions?I mean .. if we can move Sansha's W space (herefore mentioned as 'N' spacto op ...2011.08.18 14:57:00
- "Moar different"Need more racial capitals in my opinion. We have supermegahappy fleet fights with on ...2011.08.18 14:22:00
- Edited by: Bob Niac on 18/08/2011 13:59:15 Edit: oops skip this I guess.So about the remove local a ...2011.08.18 13:58:00
- Simple each race is different, however battlecruisers are based on cruisers so they only require a f ...2011.08.18 13:45:00
- .... the database is not optimized ...So.. silly question here, but: Why not proxy the TQ database ...2011.08.18 13:39:00
- Ok so.In theroy you start off with Gal Spaceship Sec 1, spaceship command 2(?) and frigate w/e; exam ...2011.08.17 04:33:00
- I may have posted this b4. If I did, I apologize.The way I see it, spaceship skills are setup kind o ...2011.08.16 17:12:00
- Why do you want to take away my Sentinel's/Keres'? :sadface:Your purpose can be fulfilled by giving ...2011.08.06 04:35:00
- Elighten me. I know it was because my FCs were ******s, but it still happens. ...2011.08.06 04:32:00

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