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- Edited by: Qlanth on 27/03/2010 15:35:38 Edited by: Qlanth on 27/03/2010 15:32:27 The only part of ...2010.03.27 15:35:00
- Edited by: Qlanth on 27/03/2010 15:32:27 The only part of this that I will miss is being able to po ...2010.03.27 15:30:00
- FYI Darius Johnson already claiming to have planned this from the beginning: # Phantasmo > (2:41:25 ...2010.03.27 15:26:00
- I am not reading any of that. ...2010.03.27 15:23:00
- I've heard that this corporation supports those of us who suffer from autism. Can you confirm this? ...2010.02.24 19:41:00
- Solo Drakban ...2010.02.05 19:56:00
- EVE is a better place with out the failswarm wtb cheap Revelations / Archons in Delve for way below ...2010.02.03 19:09:00
- This has been a very exciting week for Gunaswarm! ...2010.02.03 19:08:00
- Do you think i will have any trouble getting this character into a corp? Any negative history behind ...2010.02.02 01:01:00
- The hardest I ever saw anyone get trolled was when some guy made a joke about a dude who got run ove ...2010.01.22 01:29:00
- What the christ? -A- or IT or Sys-K or whoever haven't even tried to put down an SBU is almost 5 day ...2010.01.22 01:19:00
- Ugh, I set my alarm clock for 4:00a.m. only to be told I wouldn't be doing anything, what a waste. ...2010.01.20 02:34:00
- If the clowns start failing in a different way, i'll report it in a different way. Don't blame me t ...2010.01.19 02:27:00
- Edited by: Petra Luck on 18/01/2010 17:56:50 As usual, when goonswarm is scared, starts the CAOD sh ...2010.01.19 02:23:00
- It really isn't fair to call IT BoB. What BoB was died a long time ago, and IT is so full of failed ...2010.01.18 20:45:00

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