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- At least on the forum, the war is alive and kicking . ...2009.09.18 08:47:00
- Uh ? Who ? ...2009.09.18 07:12:00
- Edited by: qanatas on 01/09/2009 07:40:00 btw, from two different sources who were at the gamescom ...2009.09.01 07:39:00
- Ever since ksequencer fix, no longer a problem from me. After the patch I havent heard anyone compla ...2009.08.31 15:44:00
- If all battles will be executed as well as the one Wednesday night on the auga gate in amamake, the ...2009.08.21 10:32:00
- As others have said, after a major expansion a number of accounts get reactivated, plus you have the ...2009.08.17 08:30:00
- Edited by: TraininVain on 17/08/2009 00:15:50 Said pilot was actually suggesting people not come on ...2009.08.17 08:12:00
- I'm looking forward to a full battle-report. Industrials on the kill-mail ? I can think of very few ...2009.08.15 21:44:00
- haven't really been paying attention, did they win the factional warfare like they promised they wou ...2009.08.12 13:42:00
- Ah this explains why they were afk-autopiloting a freighter through factional warfare space, a while ...2009.08.12 12:16:00
- Which test you were in: August 5 @ 19:00OS version Vista 64bitCPU (ex. AMD X2 6000+, Intel E6400, e ...2009.08.05 21:26:00
- But the long plan was drawn in January (gradual involvement in lower and lower sec and harder FW the ...2009.08.04 09:05:00
- Pvp only costs isk, unless you kill something juicy. So just like everyone else you do to do mining ...2009.08.04 08:00:00
- And that's yet another big corp we've seen come and go in minmatar millitia. Only took just a little ...2009.08.04 07:49:00
- That is a massive dissapointment. I've just set up a corp with some friends and we are going to be ...2009.07.14 08:45:00

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