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- Edited by: will munny on 28/08/2010 11:36:08 Seems a number of you are ofay with the usual measures ...2010.08.28 11:36:00
- Edited by: will munny on 27/08/2010 07:43:06 Well **** but if they / some1 can click something that ...2010.08.27 07:42:00
- Edited by: will munny on 27/08/2010 09:24:02 Edited by: will munny on 27/08/2010 09:22:46 Okay, th ...2010.08.27 07:34:00
- fvck justification needed. ...2010.08.25 21:13:00
- kkthxbb, stuff plox haz can I?Is this young speak. My kids are not available to translate.trying for ...2010.08.23 16:00:00
- No wait, forget what I said. When appearance became more important to CCP than functionality and pla ...2010.08.22 13:07:00
- Bol*ox. If you guys actually played the game you promote so well, you would have told the Management ...2010.08.22 12:27:00
- Yes to the transfer of iskies Yes to the purchase of GTC's or you can also buy PLEX from the mark ...2010.08.21 13:01:00
- 90day gtc's were 360mil.. the good days^^ This oh soo true ...2010.08.21 12:47:00
- Okay, so you actively pursued a woman when you knew she was attached?? Morals and scruples - miss th ...2010.08.18 18:19:00
- DON'T go there...they workIf you let them take it out then more bugs will emerge ffs!!! ...2010.08.18 17:56:00
- meh, there was a switch, which I always had in the 'OFF' position, no trails thanks... ...2010.08.18 13:14:00
- wtf does gone into administration meanIt's the UK equivalent of Chapter 7 (or was it 11 I can neve ...2010.08.18 09:59:00
- Lol, I love the way loads of people are rage quitting over forum hype and trolls posts.It has been s ...2010.08.18 09:55:00
- I cant help but think that if I were in their dire situation that perhaps Allah is trying to tell me ...2010.08.18 09:43:00

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