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- Updated OP with Channel information. ...2010.02.11 16:43:00
- any idea when the first match will be held; or are you still just in the planning phase?Here's how t ...2010.02.09 22:31:00
- Of course, if the betters know beforehand what sort of ships both people are flying, they can probab ...2010.02.09 10:11:00
- I will be intrested with futher details:Ship types e.t.c. Rules What can't be used (ECM?)Ok, just ...2010.02.09 04:50:00
- Needs some planning. Like for example, maybe a website might help. Setting a time and date, prize mo ...2010.02.09 03:11:00
- Several good ideas here. All of these might certainly be implemented. Right now we need Gladiators, ...2010.02.09 00:03:00
- Are you saying that knowing what two race's ships will be fighting each other (i.e. gallente vs ca ...2010.02.08 05:09:00
- Might it be interesting to have each participant in the fights post which race's ships they will fly ...2010.02.08 04:30:00
- So, assume I would like to bet on a match. What information would I have to go on? Would I be basing ...2010.02.08 04:18:00
- Edited by: Ker Vicodus on 08/02/2010 03:39:21 Hah, I was thinking of something like this the other ...2010.02.08 04:16:00
- Edited by: Maximillian Bayonette on 08/02/2010 02:57:30 Any of these types of leagues that don't fi ...2010.02.08 02:57:00
- I'm just going to comment on Dai's points while keeping Julius' replies, cause he thinks like I do. ...2010.02.08 02:54:00
- I like 1vs1s sign me up for become an uber fight gladitor! Signed up! ...2010.02.08 00:27:00
- Edited by: Maximillian Bayonette on 07/02/2010 23:12:54 I'd say that looks more like a Federation N ...2010.02.07 23:12:00
- Sounds very interesting sign me up as a gladiator.Done and done. ...2010.02.07 21:37:00

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