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- Drone rigging skill can also help with Domi and ishtar if you use sentry drones which is SENTRY DAMA ...2009.05.06 15:00:00
- NPC rats simulate ISK buyers quite nicely - great mods installed but not much sense in the way of t ...2009.05.05 18:25:00
- It's relatively safe assuming a few things:a) You don't AFK with very expensive cargo. b) You don't ...2009.05.04 18:11:00
- Have you tried un-checking all the options on the lab lines?Some of them are filters instead of bein ...2009.05.04 18:09:00
- The skills of the character who completes the mission are the only skills that matter. ...2009.05.04 17:07:00
- Factions standings are your standings to the empires - Caldari, Amarr, Khanid, Minmatar, etc.As was ...2009.05.04 16:55:00
- The POINT is that the battleships are the triggers and none of them ever scram - so save them for la ...2009.05.04 16:52:00
- Maelstrom, Tempest and Vargur are all fantastic ships.Not the best for missioning - I'd lay that wit ...2009.05.04 15:19:00
- Aside from the Bonus Room, AE is a breeze.Last Battleship in each group triggers a new spawn, so kil ...2009.05.04 15:14:00
- Just giving you the best bang for the buck if you want to most effective gallente level 4 mission ru ...2009.05.01 20:54:00
- If we're only talking Missions,The Domi does everything the ishtar can do, outputs more damage, and ...2009.05.01 19:26:00
- You can always set the aggression flag, makes them get in range, then you can anchor some warp disru ...2009.05.01 18:29:00
- You forgot Mining UpgradesYou'll have the drone skills, and it'll be faster and cheaper to go with a ...2009.05.01 18:19:00
- Self-built personal website. ...2009.05.01 18:16:00
- If you find a way to change demand, then by all means - go for it. ...2009.05.01 18:15:00

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