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- and game companies expect us to be excited about new patches why?I thought this was just a insy tins ...2010.09.30 14:39:00
- Whoooooaaaahhh !!!I return for a month after a 2 year break, and I get this some things never change ...2010.09.30 14:35:00
- Split it :)I could surely make use of 10 mil of it :D ...2008.12.19 18:15:00
- Your idea makes no sense from a business stand point because Eve expansions are free. Blizzard charg ...2008.12.19 16:33:00
- Go back 2 wow if you like it so much, no one forces you to play this game. nice comparrison tho, i ...2008.12.19 09:57:00
- Clearly what EVE needs is more Death Knights. NO! Dk's are crap fighting at range!Pally = I Win! (a ...2008.12.18 17:48:00
- I'm back on my 5 day account reactivation...Just want to say i'm gutted at this nerf! (and ghost tra ...2008.12.18 17:46:00
- Edited by: Dirtee Girl on 18/12/2008 17:15:13 Meh tbh in wow being overpowered is hardly meaningful ...2008.12.18 17:37:00
- So, I'm allowed to write a program that fights for me...thats kewl!Dev's need to tell us where the t ...2008.04.25 13:05:00
- lol @ opgo play a game or something ? ...2008.04.25 12:59:00
- Why do people still pay for this game ??For any experianced players, a few hours doing some lev 4's ...2008.03.22 09:04:00
- fail! ...2008.03.21 22:30:00
- In all fairness, threads like this are a bad thing for the morale of the CCP staff.On, the other han ...2008.03.20 12:49:00
- I wasted a couple of bil on that too! ...2008.03.19 14:48:00
- Can't mention that WoW players are muppets. Sitting there killing galatic munsters getting a nice co ...2008.03.19 10:18:00

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