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- You should take the time to train for the max # of planets and Command Center Upgrades. You'll see. ...2011.09.04 23:00:00
- Hey Trush. I work PI fulltime. Let me know if you want to try and work out a supply line. ...2011.09.04 22:14:00
- If you have the patience, train all 3 of your charcs to max # of planets & Command Center Upgrades.T ...2011.09.04 22:08:00
- If you're mining solo in low sec, don't WAIT until they make a move.... when THEY warp in, you warp ...2011.05.17 20:59:00
- Are you going to post the results here? Hope so... it's an interesting project. ...2011.05.17 20:51:00
- Can I please be put on your "Don't-Kill-Me-I'm-Slow-Mining-In-The-Background" list??How will you dif ...2011.05.17 20:37:00
- Edited by: Bahr Cudas on 01/11/2009 16:41:29 I invented the "Rabbit Method" of salvaging/mining dea ...2009.11.01 16:35:00
- Is there a way to warp to another person hiding in a safespot that's not on the beaten path? ...2009.05.23 15:17:00
- I didn't find the older discussions about this topic so sorry for the retread. What's the non-warp t ...2009.05.23 15:13:00
- USS Mandy Moore USS Yunjin Kim USS Chester Copperpot (deceased) USS Elisha Cuthbert ...2009.04.15 01:38:00
- What's the average shelf-life of a WH? The ones I've found and used go away by the next day. Are the ...2009.04.05 18:21:00
- Have you thought about leaving a note with the wreckage informing people that you'd like to come bac ...2008.12.17 00:41:00
- I'm a fan of CLOAKING. I use it defensively, or to quietly check belts for ISK farmers.As far as cou ...2008.12.14 03:03:00
- I used to dislike macro miners in the ice fields... well, okay, I still do. But now, instead of mini ...2008.08.18 00:55:00
- Are we allowed to reference Earth & Beyond? Okay, good... I used to love competing with other miners ...2008.08.18 00:20:00

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