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- Nice video and all but isn't it against the rules to kill newbs in newb systems? ...2011.08.17 17:28:00
- Logistics should be a weakness for larger organizations of players. It should avoid being tedious, b ...2011.08.15 13:16:00
- How about a change to where the lowsec gate guns start off very low dps to where even frigs can do q ...2011.08.08 03:58:00
- Players should be able to mitigate danger, but not eliminate it - nobody should be safe in space, ev ...2011.08.03 17:43:00
- 425mm Railgun I Runs: 14,300,092 Traded: 2,362,769 Hybrids suck except for being a good mineral ...2011.07.25 20:38:00
- Jason Edwards,3,14,20,29,34,48,143, ...2011.07.23 22:13:00
- You want less development of 0.0? Not supported.Yes I do believe people are complaining about too m ...2011.07.02 23:53:00
- So right now you anchor the egg and then fill it up and then build it. You do this 10mins before dow ...2011.07.02 00:03:00
- 1..2...1,2,3,4) Shed a tear 'cause I'm missing you I'm still alright to smile Girl, I think about ...2011.07.01 19:39:00
- Ive got me 2x AMD HD 5770 in crossfire.Before the expansion they idled around 25% activity; no probs ...2011.06.28 14:42:00
- eve-evolved-the-day-that-eve-online-diedBefore Incarna went live, Torfi Frans Olafsson compared the ...2011.06.26 22:42:00
- Edited by: Jason Edwards on 26/06/2011 18:42:02 CSM PR MEATSHIELD TO THE RESCUECSM has made it quit ...2011.06.26 18:38:00
- What OP doesnt understand. CCP is banning people. They just arent doing it fast enough... they proba ...2011.06.26 14:59:00
- Microtransistors are people too. Carbonists.. ...2011.06.26 03:59:00
- Get rid of all the players. No more Botting or RMT anymore.15 December 2011 Star Wars Galaxies will ...2011.06.25 18:29:00

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