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- (11) You jump into a system and identify a gate camp. You report on Vent 'Clear to jump, only loca ...2006.01.06 09:59:00
- He applied for MAFIA recently, i turned him down for natural reasons.I don't like scammers.You could ...2004.09.13 11:31:00
- This smacks of Macro Mining! Groom a belt so your macro miner can strip it and move on to the next ...2004.09.10 12:53:00
- After finding out how useful google can be I think it will be more horror than surprise.Hmmm, what ...2004.08.13 14:26:00
- “Hey Buhbuh.. ain’t that there Care-a-cull flyin like that Eh-tron the other day? I cud have swor ...2004.08.13 10:10:00
- You don't happen to own an expensive car in real life, do you? If so can I borrow the keys for a ...2004.08.13 09:54:00
- Apart from getting an alt spy in the camp. Which can be a problem if you have more than one target ...2004.08.13 09:25:00
- My money is on you Sally.. BTW will this be possible with the firkin 20min agression timer? ...2004.08.03 09:56:00
- Mine.... ...2004.08.03 09:29:00
- Thank you for your help Trinity. I've just saved myself hundreds of pounds on professional help.B ...2004.08.03 09:16:00
- OK then, who do I bribe in Concord so I can do this? ...2004.08.02 12:47:00
- Cause then I could attack players in Empire and Concord would not respond! ...2004.08.02 12:29:00
- Did he say ANYTHING about wanting to be a pirate? Don't troll because you hate that single aspect of ...2004.08.02 11:24:00
- The sad thing is that CCP seem to be listening to ****wits like this. They are making it harder a ...2004.08.02 09:45:00
- Enjoy your 15minutes Maiden. CCP will nerf your profession, just like they have nerfed the Pirate ...2004.08.02 09:26:00

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