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- Is there any particular reason why the Scythe isn't getting a look-in here? It has the same number o ...2009.05.27 08:55:00
- Straying away from Gallente ships: Passive-tanked Drake fitted with assault launchers and loaded wit ...2009.05.23 13:40:00
- IMHO, extremely doubtful that faction ammo is worth it - unless you are flying a marauder, in which ...2009.05.22 10:29:00
- Akita T - About fireworks displays I sort of agree. Most of my imagined ones, if experienced in RL, ...2009.05.18 06:47:00
- Akita T, the difference between science and pseudoscience can be expressed differently. As an aside, ...2009.05.18 06:42:00
- Edited by: Whitehound on 17/05/2009 23:06:35 I don't think "epistomologize" is a known word. http: ...2009.05.18 06:30:00
- I absolutely deplore arguments couched in such dense jargon that it is difficult to even understand ...2009.05.17 22:02:00
- I found this quite a long time ago, but it's been overshadowed a bit by John Cage's 639-year piece f ...2009.05.17 19:44:00
- Diomedes, I have a question for you. With all that Gallente Navy kit, it looks as if you're missioni ...2009.05.11 07:24:00
- other then them being designed for 2 different things?Well, I was asking about them in a hauling cap ...2009.05.06 11:14:00
- Edited by: vanBuskirk on 06/05/2009 11:03:35 Edited by: vanBuskirk on 06/05/2009 11:03:03 OK. I am ...2009.05.06 10:54:00
- Irida, strangely enough I thought of that - and have in fact emailed CCP to ask for permission. I re ...2009.04.29 21:14:00
- Sorry, I should have specified. I live and work in the UK; and yes, you are supposed to pay a licens ...2009.04.29 14:11:00
- EHP buffer tank - I haven't actually worked it out but here goes: (Navy Mega)Rigs: trimark II x2, an ...2009.04.27 13:12:00
- OK. I can complete just about any mission in a stock Raven reasonably quickly (T2 fit; 6x cruise II, ...2009.04.27 10:53:00

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