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- All a mining nerf would accomplish is inflation ...2004.08.24 19:37:00
- I'd like to see more use/benefit from Deep Core mining ...2004.08.24 19:04:00
- Going to clean house and wipe my drive this weekend. Can anyone tell me what file(s) I should backu ...2004.08.13 12:52:00
- 1) Because EnB turned into Diablo in space2) World of Warcraft isn't out yet ...2004.08.05 13:39:00
- Edited by: Rock Jockey on 01/07/2004 12:49:14 I mostly masterbate. ...2004.07.01 12:47:00
- So if one uses this to travel we arrive naked?? (once they fix that whole exploding you thing of cou ...2004.05.06 17:39:00
- Another thing you should realize is that unless you have your refining skills are leveled up you wil ...2004.03.31 14:27:00
- I wouldn't expect much stability if it runs at all. ...2004.03.30 20:33:00
- I think you can use your ships targeting to force the drones to aquire a specific target, but they d ...2004.03.29 14:57:00
- Disabling the onboard sound in the BIOS, like Xailia described, is the best way to do it. Just doin ...2004.03.26 14:30:00
- I had the same problems not to mention a lot of crashes with my AC'97 :)I went out and got a SoundBl ...2004.03.23 14:22:00
- Edited by: Rock Jockey on 02/03/2004 16:03:25 Its dangerous in that any pirate who gets a scan of y ...2004.03.02 16:00:00
- Two blocks south of UC here :) ...2004.02.18 14:20:00
- Oh ok. Didn't dawn on me that that denoted tech level. :) Thanks for clarifying. ...2004.02.16 16:10:00
- Looking through the Eve DB I see that alot of equipment and weapons come in what I assume are higher ...2004.02.16 15:41:00

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