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- Are you fat? You know, there's a fetish for that. This explains IT's surging numbers. ...2009.12.02 01:18:00
- The long and short of it is that the only way to really incentivize 0.0 is to either significantly n ...2009.11.18 05:28:00
- Edited by: misscoda on 05/10/2009 17:11:45 Yeah Bobby, why the hell are we still not significant??! ...2009.10.05 21:36:00
- Man, I haven't read CAOD in so long. And I was like, hey, ATLAS is still around, the moron prima don ...2009.10.05 16:41:00
- What about some sort of 'license' standing? I.e, a temporary standings change issued to a pilot/corp ...2009.09.18 20:42:00
- "Oh God, they're killing us! Please come be our meatshield AAA!" -some idiot ATLAS altHey, maybe it' ...2009.08.21 05:39:00
- i was a surprised that goons didn't show up for a little of the old smack-n-shoot with atlas invited ...2009.05.30 05:17:00
- They are a threat to any individual alliance in the coalition, if you don't see that you are dillusi ...2009.05.23 20:43:00
- BoB isn't dead, there are a whole 67 members in it. I just checked. ...2009.05.23 04:33:00
- Hey Tri, I'll let you prove your elite PvP status by giving you a whole freighter-load of goon ibise ...2009.05.21 22:44:00
- as if you want an answer why we fight you, just listen carefully to youtr teamspeak Ahahahaha, AAA ...2009.05.20 19:28:00
- Yes, this will greatly assist AFK mission-farming.No it won't, as one would still need to target new ...2009.05.13 22:13:00
- im curious did those carriers and the self distructed dreads get replaced yet??I'm gonna say no but ...2009.05.13 21:01:00
- common goals lots of targets entertainment ops ( those you do while drunk or just for the lolz) a ...2009.04.30 18:52:00
- Edited by: torN Deception on 26/04/2009 05:43:13 And why you arent on CTA ? Grats on the kill d00d! ...2009.04.26 05:43:00

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