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- This is what people get for being too mouthy: a great big Koronakesh hard-on greeting them in the mo ...2011.08.13 08:21:00
- Edited by: Aldrith Shutaq on 12/08/2011 22:14:57 Oh for the love of... We are not putting on a publ ...2011.08.12 22:11:00
- Understand that I mean this in all respect, but if this is truly your viewpoint, then you have forfe ...2011.08.12 15:40:00
- Edited by: Aldrith Shutaq on 10/08/2011 20:59:44 I would like to clarify one thing, assuming I can ...2011.08.10 20:40:00
- Congratulations to all of our brethren in the Crusade, and benedictions to the people we have libera ...2011.08.09 21:10:00
- Well, the problem is that nobody really knows what happens on the ground when a Matari soldier lands ...2011.08.09 20:32:00
- Stuff about things, Ryven. Things we are not going to be able to do anything about for a long while ...2011.08.09 19:42:00
- Edited by: Aldrith Shutaq on 09/08/2011 09:26:47 It is called satire, Admiral. You seem to forget I ...2011.08.09 07:27:00
- Yes she is! She is a bit hard on the edges, but really the most lovely woman once you get to know he ...2011.08.09 07:08:00
- I have seen your pilots deep within Metropolis, shooting peaceful industrialists and miners, fightin ...2011.08.09 07:05:00
- Edited by: Aldrith Shutaq on 09/08/2011 03:58:11 Dear Minmatar Republic,Rest assured we have receiv ...2011.08.09 03:08:00
- Aldrith Shutaq,1,31,40,41,42,43,44,61,78,125,153,154,166 ...2011.07.31 08:27:00
- Thank you for being considerate, Ms. Neferis. ...2011.07.18 21:27:00
- Now, now Eran, a dying enemy ought to be given a modicum of dignity in their demise. Best not to gaw ...2011.07.12 16:08:00
- Nope. ...2011.07.09 01:11:00

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