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- TL;DR: -3 Zex Maxwell Luke S GalandilI'm leaning to not renewing after my year is up. I'm giving ...2011.07.01 21:56:00
- Edited by: Zex Maxwell on 20/11/2010 00:35:09 CCP sreegs, I like to note that if you do, do the ext ...2010.11.20 00:29:00
- An awesome Video series from, extra credits made a video about "Easy games." Ev ...2010.11.19 20:11:00
- WOOT! Graphs! \o/ ...2010.11.16 17:05:00
- CCP, First off, thank you again for the wonderful glimpse into your work. Secondly, CCP, sirs, madam ...2010.08.20 16:40:00
- I had to work today. can you guys tell me where I can watch today's match ups? ...2010.06.20 03:27:00
- That was fast. Thanks CCP ...2010.06.06 15:06:00
- Maybe. I'll have to see if it will be useful to me. ...2010.05.24 03:39:00
- TUXFORD!!!!uh well. I dont need to change my skills for another 7 hours. It will be up by then... Ri ...2010.05.16 18:25:00
- It would help if you tell use how to install it... ...2010.05.07 18:37:00
- they aren't a public company to my knowledge. Pretty sure their privately owned.Yep, we're privately ...2010.05.06 22:50:00
- not April first? *Check* Is patch day coming? *Check* CCP can confirm nor deny? *Check*...BWHAT!? ...2010.05.06 22:43:00
- So there's some lag out there caused by big fleet fights and dev teams are working to resolve the pr ...2010.04.30 21:52:00
- I would have a better social life. ...2010.04.30 20:57:00
- This topic needs to die/locked. People said what needs to be said. Hotfix fixed the problem and peop ...2010.04.30 16:18:00

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