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- Heh dont bet on us ...2011.06.02 23:05:00
- contests of elite pvp are very important to me ok, i'm really broken up about this don't make fun X( ...2011.05.25 11:08:00
- If you were thinking that you were the goon that is left, no, no it's not would look a lot be ...2011.05.23 16:41:00
- It is a bit unfair, but that how it rolls. If you felt so entitled to a slot, you should have bid on ...2011.05.22 11:27:00
- There are no real goons leftOh wait yes there is ...2011.05.22 01:05:00
- This isnt pl b-team this is my team an if you dont like it you can apply to my corp ...2011.05.20 22:13:00
- We all want to see a more interesting alliance tournament. In the future, could you leave one of the ...2011.05.17 19:28:00
- You did the right thing tbh. Might it be a good thing to up the amount of slots youre auctioning off ...2011.05.16 17:12:00
- Sent my isk again, I would really appreciate a confirmation. ...2011.05.14 10:21:00
- C0ven and SE standing by and those guys in my imho can pvp without a BLOB...ooh youre so right, dra ...2010.09.11 18:04:00
- garble garble no one likes us garble garblegarble garble damn those init guys not helping us when we ...2010.09.11 17:52:00
- also, if any alliance wants to pay us for standings, please feel free to convo shamis. It helps if y ...2010.09.10 20:00:00
- Edited by: Mynxee on 10/09/2010 17:28:[email protected] GingerDude: Has CCP ever considered conducting Focus Gr ...2010.09.10 18:47:00
- The fight happened on the 25/8/2010 and was in AXDX. I think the fight started around 20:00 eve time ...2010.09.10 18:38:00
- Edited by: Mynxee on 10/09/2010 17:17:46 Edited by: Mynxee on 10/09/2010 17:16:15 Thanks for the o ...2010.09.10 17:26:00

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