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- Regarding the idea of moving sov holding structures to planets:I want people to be aware of this iss ...2008.12.29 22:48:00
- Any change to 0.0 is good ...2008.12.29 07:08:00
- Jesus christ. ...2008.06.05 21:07:00
- Is that even in Geminate?It's understandable that you wouldn't know where it is, considering all SMA ...2008.06.05 15:49:00
- theres a station in 8mg !!!? man, i wondered where the 3rd one was in the constelation well there ...2008.06.05 15:38:00
- Edited by: HydroSan on 05/06/2008 15:03:20 I'm sad to hear that we were/are boring to fight. How co ...2008.06.05 15:03:00
- Having 250 in system and 120 in fleet isn't 5:1.Shhhh! Don't let them know that they outnumber us mo ...2008.05.31 18:48:00
- Oh look, you failed to lose a Titan.Congrats. ...2008.05.31 17:41:00
- Who got sov now?ROADKILL. All of their towers are in reinforced. None of ours are. ...2008.05.31 07:35:00
- so i guess rk/smash are loosing with ex-ra/goons attacking them. i could read all the other pages bu ...2008.05.31 04:38:00
- You know it's getting pretty bad when your enemy has to cite other peoples victories in their smackt ...2008.05.31 01:09:00
- Words, words, words.Yeah pretty much. Here's an abridged version.Nothing happens for the first year. ...2008.05.25 16:16:00
- CALMDOWN. I think i hit a nerve. I apologise if anything i said earlier in the thread hurt your fe ...2008.05.25 03:13:00
- lol you obviously dont "get" smashkill.Much like you don't "get" the RSF. But that's okay. We're per ...2008.05.25 03:04:00
- Hey remember when Tri/Insurg. killed RAZOR's Titan... and then lost every fleet battle after and all ...2008.05.25 02:55:00

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