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- Niceh. ...2010.10.20 12:28:00
- New isk sink? Pay loads of isks to change your name ingame. New service for agents; they will find o ...2010.10.20 12:25:00
- I've been very very very very bored in EVE lately. In last month i have logged in maybe twice... I h ...2010.10.19 06:37:00
- It would be more realistic if jumps between systems takes more time. The logistics would be much hig ...2010.09.17 08:25:00
- So they are giving us a "steal from corp/alliance" button?I'm going to rip off my alt's one-man-corp ...2010.09.07 07:47:00
- Edited by: Shaalira D''arc on 07/09/2010 04:00:41 This latest video of Incarna is pretty amazing.Ed ...2010.09.07 07:40:00
- If T2 BPO's don't give any advantage, please give them all to me. I'm collecting a set of T2 BPO's. ...2010.08.13 08:41:00
- Ah, so your issue is that the PLEXes didn't drop, decreasing the overall amount of capital to be g ...2010.08.10 12:35:00
- Edited by: Jojo Redana on 10/08/2010 12:21:29 What ever you do; don't pay the ransom! Ever!It's kin ...2010.08.10 12:20:00
- EVE is a game in the sense that poker is a game--you're playing against other people, and you're gam ...2010.08.10 12:06:00
- PvP game and so called pvpers. Most of you guys warp out when red or two shows up in local. Yup, you ...2010.08.05 09:18:00
- This game isn't for everyone. No shame in recognizing that and moving on. So it's like CCP is sayi ...2010.08.05 06:38:00
- Sysadmin is serious business. It's like nullsec, you should know what you're doing.Happy SysAdmin Da ...2010.07.30 10:31:00
- "Walking in stations" was big news in 2006-2007 when i started my EVE career. I was really looking f ...2010.07.30 10:26:00
- This topic proofs again how stupid some EVE players really are. Most of you guys/gals haven't even s ...2010.07.30 10:12:00

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