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- Someone rename this thread to Internet Space Lawyer Chat ...2010.05.12 16:43:00
- I just felt like sharing this: Ankhesentapemkah > Funny, I spoke with a law student and slandering m ...2010.05.12 16:10:00
- Kil2 has been doing better. And i think the commentators have taken note of this thread, as it has i ...2009.09.05 20:03:00
- I have only two words for ya: O RLY ?!I have 2 for you shut up ...2009.09.05 19:51:00
- oh man i just reread it.did you know i had to wake up at 5am for this. my face hurts. but im leavin ...2009.09.05 19:14:00
- i think i know what time you are talking about that i messed up and i want to try and tell you that ...2009.09.05 19:00:00
- AND OWN ALL OF YOU ...2009.09.05 18:23:00
- Edited by: The Mittani on 10/02/2009 22:30:11 update: graham: mittens graham: http://img3.imagesh ...2009.02.10 22:33:00
- So in the end, goons went through all of that getting all their allies to turn up, DD'ing a load of ...2009.01.31 18:25:00
- These are the people you're losing too. You're actually WORSE than the alliance responsible for this ...2009.01.31 17:40:00
- You don't have any 0.0 space ...2009.01.01 16:29:00
- /insert dining in nol joke/I see that you have included as your response the result of yet another f ...2008.12.30 21:54:00
- I think thats almost unfair as bob is the only alliance that still makes trendy names for their camp ...2008.12.30 20:59:00
- And they still lose fleet battles to them...Oh and btw WShatner your posts suck as bad as your name ...2008.12.30 20:40:00
- Its only "internet spaceships" when they have nothing left to say...You've never had anything to say ...2008.12.30 18:54:00

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