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- Online now! Message me in-game to confirm purchase. Will delete when complete. Newbear is my name an ...2011.07.20 08:57:00
- Edited by: Newbear on 09/02/2011 22:28:30 thx ...2011.02.09 22:02:00
- one for newbear plz ...2011.02.09 21:53:00
- Edited by: Newbear on 08/01/2011 00:02:36 no need to post, just find me in game. ...2011.01.07 23:15:00
- Look me up in-game and send me some evemail if interested. Great for hi-sec research towers and deat ...2010.10.03 21:26:00
- One for Newbear plz. paying 650m ...2010.09.23 18:13:00
- Has high minmatar and gallante faction standings and is ready to anchor towers in hi-sec the day you ...2010.08.31 19:46:00
- Bear naked inc (bnic) pre-faction boosted and ready to anchor your towers in hi-sec. Only 75m! look ...2010.08.18 02:05:00
- Only good for Minmatar and Gallante space. Look me or corp up in-game for details. Price is 75m. ...2010.08.11 04:12:00
- Boosted for gallante and minmatar hi-sec space! contact me in-game for more information. Or look up ...2010.07.30 18:52:00
- 1 for newbear ...2010.07.11 18:51:00
- Preboosted and ready to anchor towers in hi-sec for your research or drilling pleasure. Look me or c ...2010.07.09 18:16:00
- Just stay docked in the shed or bathroom and wait out the agresson timers like the rest of us. Then ...2010.06.30 20:56:00
- I do like his position on polar bears and pet rocks. Clearly someone who likes bears and would be a ...2010.06.27 20:06:00
- wonder we play such a terrible game. ...2010.06.27 09:59:00

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