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- Edited by: White Sorceress on 08/09/2011 16:22:50 You are selling C4 with static C3 and its magneta ...2011.09.08 19:53:00
- Your an idiot.You agreed to the terms of a contract between YOU and CCP when you hit the "I agree" b ...2011.09.07 17:03:00
- Just leak the minutes. Who cares what CCP wants in its PR?C. Mittens can't leak them. They haven't ...2011.09.03 21:09:00
- Yeah...about that. See, the problem isn't so much the people spelling the word incorrectly, it's tha ...2011.09.02 20:59:00
- As I said in this thread Quote: ---------------------------------------------------------------- ...2011.08.30 14:36:00
- Wow.How many 'drafts' did you have to submit before being cleared to post this information? ...2011.08.27 22:07:00
- Edited by: BuckStrider on 27/08/2011 14:29:13 Hey, White Tree. I'm a little confused and maybe you ...2011.08.27 14:27:00
- Edited by: BuckStrider on 26/08/2011 21:42:13 Let me explain how this works....Let's say CCP calls ...2011.08.26 21:41:00
- 18 months ...2011.08.26 17:02:00
- In case you guys didn't know... The clothing is designed/developed by an outside source. I would ha ...2011.08.26 12:20:00
- My prediction for the future:nullsec players- "lolz thanks for the ISK"hisec players- "What is thi ...2011.08.23 22:43:00
- And you wonder why you lost your space ...2011.08.21 15:14:00
- Honest question; Aside from the cost are there any situations in PVE or PVP where a cerb is better/m ...2011.08.20 18:50:00
- No, you can't do it solo. The 2 BS hit too hard and with the scrams/webs/nos there is no possible wa ...2011.08.20 12:59:00
- Please Waterboard yourself to the Point of No Return ...2011.08.15 22:42:00

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