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- its also just occurred to me to mention i'm Caldari and tend to roam around mid Caldari areas and on ...2011.08.15 19:29:00
- for those who didnt understand (my first message got it wrong)i didnt mean i want to be a pirate or ...2011.08.12 23:49:00
- i was recently kicked from my most recent corp because i was idle for about 2 weeks (holiday) still ...2011.08.12 21:55:00
- i probably wouldnt give anyone any money (seeing as i only have like 9 mill) but if they asked for h ...2011.05.24 13:21:00
- yeah i noticed how expensive it was. almost 200 mill for about 400K worth of the stuff. so much for ...2011.02.27 17:57:00
- i'm having some trouble finding Pyroxeres i'm currently in the Ommare system, which i think is calda ...2011.02.27 16:56:00
- i'm an industry player, but i can do other things. a list of info: i can salvage i can scan down ...2011.02.27 13:35:00
- sorry, i posted this as my alt.send me the eve mails if you wish to hire me or recruit me.Lily Green ...2011.02.27 13:08:00
- sorry people. i've made my decision...but thanks for your interest. ...2011.01.10 23:57:00
- i'm looking for a corp who needs either a miner or manufacturer, but i do missions in ym spare time, ...2011.01.10 20:17:00
- ok, its good. i restarted my PC and its back. phew. ...2010.12.13 19:43:00
- i own a few accounts but they are all inactive, this is my main profile. it was all working 2 hours ...2010.12.13 19:31:00
- i just tried logging in to put some new skills in my training cue but to my suprise, my character is ...2010.12.13 19:27:00
- thanks guys, but i've chosen a corp (for now) you never know what may happen. ...2010.09.25 00:01:00
- oh, and telling me your going to send me an EVE mail on here would give me an idea of how many i'll ...2010.09.24 17:23:00

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