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- You traveled 36 jumps on AP during a shower? How long are your showers? What'd you do tug it or so ...2009.10.28 01:31:00
- came expecting euphemism for wife's body part. left dissapointed. ...2009.10.21 05:42:00
- nice char, friendly bump while im here ...2009.10.04 18:07:00
- it continues to amaze me people consider building anything in eve for the purpose of selling as ther ...2009.10.02 07:41:00
- hi - jtl here. i know i havent made a post in a while but i was on vacation so hurrah! im back!Slow ...2009.09.28 05:58:00
- I'm not entirely sure RMT's are all that open to assisting "outsiders" in pew pew .. and im not enti ...2009.09.24 05:33:00
- Does anyone know of any low sec regions / systems that are missioner friendly, actively defended aga ...2009.09.24 04:33:00
- I guess this post could go in a few places .. but I think most pertinent here as they come from 'ple ...2009.09.17 05:39:00
- Edited by: harry happypants on 15/09/2009 02:48:18 edited for clarity. +1 for lazyness -1 for naysa ...2009.09.15 02:37:00

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