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- Can make plenty of different styled white folk, couple blacks, and 3 different types of asians... bu ...2011.02.11 02:09:00
- Yellow stone park is more dangerous then this. ...2011.02.11 01:58:00
- All I know that I never can have too much ISK. Never.Buy yourself a Freigther and trade between the ...2011.02.11 01:10:00
- me.not really, but I have much respect on CCP. It is a hard job to do this without an big publisher ...2011.02.11 00:45:00
- OH - and i am forced to post this. Made by a friend :IPCC morale speech ...2010.12.30 04:05:00
- Here my old Tread with facts and the answers of ignorants of the IPCC followers.And here the newest ...2010.12.30 03:51:00
- I used Avira on my old PC and had no problem.Now I got 'Kapersky' coz its one of the best. New PC ne ...2010.12.29 00:47:00
- I ordered a new PC and got it on X-Mas :AMD - 6 core, 3,2 GHz ATI 6xxx grafixcard 8 GB Ram 2 TB H ...2010.12.29 00:44:00
- he was also the first human on the north pole in 1928. Where does the NASA get this temp datas from ...2010.12.22 01:05:00
- ice bears are in danger!Yes - they are - Greenland has -47,9 Celsius in the center - Click on Temp. ...2010.12.22 00:01:00
- wat google translate cant translate this thread into english, so could anyone do it for me?Wiki wou ...2010.12.18 12:55:00
- The main problem in all discussion is : E=mc^2. But this only works coz Einstein though ct(E) = ct(m ...2010.12.18 12:32:00
- The reason all the work is being moved overseas is because people work for cheaper, and are able t ...2010.12.18 11:19:00
- Edited by: Betty Boom on 17/12/2010 18:55:53 The only point I agree with is that I think we have te ...2010.12.17 18:36:00
- We all know about the secret german station on the darkside of the moon. So it will be not airforce ...2010.12.17 17:38:00

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