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- I did some more testing today and found out that the headers will be send when undocked. If you sit ...2011.09.07 17:45:00
- Apparently the IGB is not sending the new ship related headers anymore? EVE_SHIPTYPEID, SHIPTYPENAME ...2011.09.06 20:10:00
- Precalculated routes will let you hit the wall when you need to be able to exclude certain waypoints ...2011.08.06 10:41:00
- Having your hosting costs covered by running ads is already totaly legal today. That means for those ...2011.06.15 18:19:00
- Desynch has returned. Massively.Fleet jumped into H-W, warped to a spot off the gate. Half the fle ...2011.05.31 21:04:00
- Looks like the new headers are now live on tranq \o/Haven't read anything about it in patch notes. C ...2011.05.20 17:28:00
- Am I safe to assume that work on this has been silently dropped now that fanfest is over? ...2011.05.06 18:34:00
- None of these headers is on live after patch. Also not on sisi anymore. ...2011.04.06 20:42:00
- Edited by: Shellac Brookdale on 06/04/2011 20:25:35 It would be a start if any link clicked in chat ...2011.04.06 20:24:00
- Just did a fulltext search on CCPEVE object references in the javascript parts in the eveigb "I can ...2011.03.27 10:32:00
- Amazing. Ship DNA instead of HTTP_EVE_SHIPID would be more useful though. ...2011.03.24 23:42:00

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