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- NOSHI YOU ARE 500 MIL DEEP SIR. DO YOU WANT TO KEEP GOING. WTF. p.s. Homo will you push in my shi ...2008.09.10 04:22:00
- Word of advice, next time you try and kill me and my brethren you best succeed. Actions have consequ ...2008.09.10 04:13:00
- I guess at this point, I'm only speaking for myself like I said. I'm not the best, I'm not the wors ...2008.09.10 03:49:00
- So, now that PURE lost their JZV station, is it game over for them? or will some alliance come help ...2008.09.10 00:02:00
- Poor Razor. :( ...2008.09.05 16:58:00
- Gob is definitely the worst poster in Exceed. ...2008.09.05 01:27:00
- Grats LFC! ...2008.09.04 15:18:00
- storm is ****ing right. I used google earth and now google own my ****ing home! i mean wtf game ove ...2008.09.04 05:47:00
- Strike one: Ive been playing this great game since start of 2006. I often heard from my pals in ...2008.09.04 02:41:00
- Happy 5th Birthday, may it be your last one. ...2008.09.04 00:38:00
- Please get it right, it's "empire-hugging, Goon-cheerleading carebear", you pathetic, bitter towelbo ...2008.09.03 16:10:00
- Major diplo curso reporting how can i helpPeople of Eve don't be fooled, the only thing Nick Curso i ...2008.09.03 01:18:00
- Wes, why arent you in BE anymore? ...2008.09.02 13:25:00
- Will probably drop by. ...2008.09.02 11:04:00
- So much skill on BOB side. I'm amazed by their awesomeness. Don't listen to people badmouthing you, ...2008.08.31 20:32:00

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