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- A week of work, about 4b ISK of upgrades, I log in as I get home from work today, 8 hrs after downti ...2009.12.07 20:19:00
- Bugreport #89247. I noticed that DED complexes or DEADSPACE areas seem to still work fine. Only site ...2009.12.06 22:11:00
- On the bright side, all the anomalies might have re-spawned due to the reset. ...2009.12.05 22:02:00
- - Approach gate - Right click it > Add as next waypoint - Click autopilotNever fails ...2009.12.04 09:04:00
- I've made far, far more ISK than I know what to do with at zero risk to myself whilst not even onlin ...2009.12.03 13:21:00
- I farmed em last night to try and get the military index up a bit. They do respawn instantly, althou ...2009.12.03 09:20:00
- Titans have been changed to be only really useable in large fleets, which seems fitting.I refer you ...2009.12.02 14:10:00
- Doubt this would ever be considered due to the additional lag it would cause. ...2009.11.30 11:20:00
- Some high end anomalies are upward of 45m in bounties alone, I know there are a couple of Sansha one ...2009.11.19 14:17:00
- I love the way they move the cost onto the Sov marker and make the Hub free. Maybe they realize the ...2009.11.13 12:43:00
- 1. Where did CCP state that Dominion was meant to address 0.0 economics? In a dev blog entitled ...2009.11.12 15:39:00
- Edited by: Vladimir Griftin on 12/11/2009 10:14:14 Why stop there? It only makes sense if the holdi ...2009.11.12 10:14:00
- NPC missile hits include the name of the missile. You can get the damage type from that.Turret hits ...2009.07.29 15:28:00
- Edited by: ddr800 on 18/06/2009 03:13:08 If the victory didnít require exploitation I would be cong ...2009.06.18 12:22:00
- I agree, new players should be made to sit in empire and mine for 3 years before they are allowed to ...2009.04.24 06:59:00

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