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- for people in the UK area this would be bad m'kay.Two completely different people from towns close t ...2006.01.15 20:24:00
- You must either have a problem with your local Internet connection, your PC, or you must be in a par ...2006.01.15 16:51:00
- 500-1000 of each bpo would be perfect imo, when you figure how many subscribers there are now 1k or ...2006.01.15 16:47:00
- It seems pretty unlikely to me that there is no "monopoly" or "cartel" in T2 items. People are queui ...2006.01.15 15:24:00
- Personally as far as I was aware you are assigned a static ip ON CONNECTION with an ISP. This on its ...2006.01.15 15:13:00
- Imot the only people who CAN fix the prices are the people makeing them.. and iwhy would they want t ...2006.01.15 15:03:00
- Then there was the whole RAM shortage, which caused a lag in the productionThere never was a RAM s ...2006.01.15 15:00:00
- You'd have to make sure that people didn't take points out of any learning skills either, as they've ...2006.01.11 17:08:00
- No, he wants the ships to take just as long to go into warp, but without having to turn, edge forwar ...2006.01.11 17:05:00
- Edited by: Lustralis on 11/01/2006 16:02:12I see it as either a keylogger or an in-game exploit (eit ...2006.01.11 16:32:00
- Facts: -Eve is programmed in TCP/IP, not UDP/IP. True, but not really relevant. TCP/IP can handle ...2006.01.11 16:27:00
- Staff : .....The 3rd one I see as only someone mentally deranged would do. And lets face it no ISK ...2006.01.11 15:59:00
- Edited by: El Berto on 11/01/2006 14:40:45 Edited by: El Berto on 11/01/2006 14:37:52 The only way ...2006.01.11 14:53:00
- CCP could log IP address (or username+IP address) as being the thing to lockSo, each failed login at ...2006.01.11 14:22:00
- Anyone else confirm this problem? You can't refine any mining crystals.Yes, it's a pain.Bug report ...2006.01.11 14:07:00

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