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- isk received char transfered ...2010.10.02 17:51:00
- 10b buyout from DarthBumholio jnr accepted waiting on isk. ...2010.10.02 17:25:00
- Edited by: Gumdrop on 03/10/2010 12:16:37 Edited by: Gumdrop on 02/10/2010 14:25:39 Name: Gumdrop ...2010.10.02 14:24:00
- also can fly basi and onerios, anyone have any idea how much this char is worth? ...2010.09.27 17:26:00
- thinking about selling this char but i want to know what its worth first. Can fly: moros, thanny, g ...2010.09.27 04:51:00
- Where is the Eve server actually located? I have heard lots of suggestions...Holland, Croatia, Engla ...2010.07.16 00:17:00
- I want to be an astronaut someday but I cant afford spacecamp so I play eve instead. ...2010.07.16 00:05:00
- Capsuleers = muggles Jove = wizards Tolocan = wizards Sleepers = house elves Rogue drones = ce ...2010.07.14 16:02:00
- So say we really did get all our SP refunded that we had put into Learning. How much would you get ...2010.07.01 17:02:00
- A ship that looks like an astroid so I can sit in belts and watch as people try to mine me. ...2010.07.01 10:17:00
- umm i had to pause my taining to use the 100k sp and during that pause i lost alot of valuable train ...2010.06.29 16:44:00
- this ship looks freaking sweet i cant stop spinning it OMG spin spin spin spin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...2010.06.29 16:34:00
- Wow this ship looks really really good. It reminds me of the International space station but with t ...2010.06.29 16:27:00
- I dont know whats funnier. A dude baitin you then coming back in a t3 ship. Or the fact you were us ...2010.06.29 12:16:00
- Why do people seem to think they are going to recieve a lump of X ammount of SP?Wouldnt it make more ...2010.06.28 13:59:00

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