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- /undecidedwhen i first read the post, i thought it was a bad idea. then after reading a few more pos ...2011.07.30 08:35:00
- Edited by: Stan Smith on 30/07/2011 07:53:17 this actually makes some sense, if an apoc, geddon, or ...2011.07.30 07:52:00
- make it a gang assist mod, and make it within a certain radius, and not system wide i might like thi ...2011.07.30 07:26:00
- they're trying to gouge every last penny out of us in-game, so why shouldn't they make an app and ch ...2011.07.26 05:15:00
- Does your roommate have a car?Do you see what happens Larry. Do you see what happens when you a str ...2011.07.26 03:11:00
- Add in tradable kill rights and you may have the groundwork for a working bounty hunting system ...2011.07.25 17:13:00
- I remember in one of the eve novels that there are super-advanced space hulks of terran origin near ...2011.07.25 07:00:00
- Im all for suicide gankers shooting each other ...2011.07.25 06:32:00
- How about an opgion where we look at the ship we are currently piloting, in your hanger, and maybe y ...2011.07.25 06:22:00
- And make it so if one character's corp/alliance gets wardecced, all characters can be attacked freel ...2011.07.25 06:00:00
- You do not speak for me or the playerbase." Come up with better ideas in Assembly Hall to help impro ...2011.07.25 05:06:00
- Edited by: Stan Smith on 05/07/2011 00:05:31 Edited by: Michelear on 04/07/2011 23:41:19About the s ...2011.07.04 23:55:00
- What i'm upset most about, aside from people getting flamed for saying, "there's parts of the game t ...2011.06.22 08:25:00
- its not so bad, it could be the CONCORD station that got blown up by minmatars and thukkers, headqua ...2011.05.24 05:08:00
- remember a few years ago can thieves weren't even made flashy red when they stole. you youngin's ha ...2011.05.20 04:38:00

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