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- Edited by: Dexter Rast on 23/09/2007 17:55:07 Its an Amarrian fighter drone... a Templar i do belie ...2007.09.23 17:55:00
- so its basicly like running what would be described as an in-system jump drive..pretty good idea rea ...2007.09.16 17:24:00
- cant even beleive im reading this thread and looking at pictures of blokes im even starting to get h ...2007.09.01 11:28:00
- vagabond version..yeah i like that one ...2007.08.11 13:14:00
- ...2007.08.11 11:45:00
- a) That you play computer games. i usualy just tell my mates at work that ive been playing online ...2007.08.04 19:00:00
- why do people still drive capri`s...because there old school and cool as f**k ...2007.07.29 00:25:00
- girlfriends/wives can be a great source of pain when it comes to EvE,i have to admit that until she ...2007.07.22 02:06:00
- whats with all this tech II 280`s lark,,you seriously dont need to fork out for t2 items to do a pod ...2007.07.08 11:35:00
- Edited by: Dexter Rast on 07/07/2007 11:56:57caracal or rupture,but this is all depending on your sk ...2007.07.07 11:51:00
- OMG theres girls in EvE far to many computers in kitchens these days.... ...2007.07.06 23:34:00
- been thinking of training for an Ishtar, only need to get cruiser to lvl5,been using a vexor for lvl ...2007.07.06 14:45:00
- i use a vexor for the majority of my lvl 4`s, probably not as quick as the cerb but its cheap and fu ...2007.07.05 17:51:00
- read it and weep slow boys, i def win the slowest pc in this thread,amd xp2000+ processornvidia mx 4 ...2007.06.28 08:01:00
- I have a big silver box with cables that go in (or out, not sure). It is loud.Also it has a nice tr ...2007.06.27 16:24:00

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