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- Boo hoo. ...2009.03.27 07:57:00
- Hey guys im looking for a corp to join, i really feel like i need some avenues to progress in this g ...2009.03.21 13:31:00
- Hi guys, I'm looking for a corp to expand my game experience, although I don't necessarily meet your ...2009.03.11 07:33:00
- Western AustraliaPerth ...2009.03.11 03:16:00
- Me too, I either get stuck at Authenticating, Entering Game, or Entering Station. Black screen behin ...2008.11.12 07:31:00
-"The sound effect for entering/leaving warp is mi ...2006.08.30 11:14:00
- I've just started the game, and was growing to love that sound. Now it doesn't even feel like you ar ...2006.08.25 12:34:00

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