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- Unsubbed three accounts right after 99 dollars. Was about to change my mind, then, Incarna. And just ...2011.06.25 18:03:00
- Turned off. Permanently.It's about the spaceships, stupid. ...2011.06.23 19:29:00
- Facebook bull**** can stay the hell out of my eve thanks. ...2009.09.28 21:59:00
- Real world comparison: - I go to a paintball event and proceed to backstab my team by dishing out h ...2009.09.21 16:33:00
- Nobody uses marauders for pvp, because the faction ships do that just fine, and will do it even bett ...2009.09.21 16:08:00
- If your team worries about money, it's a pretty good clue you probably shouldn't be competing.Quotin ...2009.09.14 17:48:00
- Gawddammit CCP fix the POS graphics already. Towers are either currently:A. Invisible. B. Dancing o ...2009.09.08 04:36:00
- I fly with these guys, laid back but know their business when it is business time.Our corp is closed ...2009.08.25 21:22:00
- Edited by: SSgt Sniper on 02/07/2009 10:44:34 never mind. ...2009.07.02 10:42:00
- Edited by: SSgt Sniper on 30/04/2009 23:57:29 Making the nag tank shields is just a bad idea. it do ...2009.04.30 23:54:00
- Stabalization of wormholes would pave the way for the claiming of w-space by large alliances, re-cre ...2009.04.27 01:50:00
- Seriously backwards logic by CCP. If I carry drones, three quarters of the time I'll be carrying eit ...2009.04.23 11:15:00
- 1. Tech II ammo. It's not tech II enough atm. 2. Mineral market. why is veldspar the best thing to m ...2009.04.17 21:22:00
- Edited by: SSgt Sniper on 26/03/2009 00:03:28 Edited by: CCP Tuxford on 25/03/2009 22:06:59 First ...2009.03.26 00:03:00
- Just went through a bubble tonight and it is identical to being inside a POS shield (aka nauseating) ...2009.03.13 15:42:00

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