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- Edited by: Ka Dargo on 23/12/2008 07:38:09 I just recently worked my way through lvl1 - lvl3 missio ...2008.12.23 07:36:00
- If you're looking to use it in fleet more than POS killing (which tbh I wouldn't recommend), then th ...2007.01.18 21:35:00
- Whats' sold what's left?Someone claimed the escrow within an hour, all 500 or so bpos have been clai ...2006.04.20 00:33:00
- These were sold almost immediately :) ...2006.04.19 13:13:00
- you stole my name!Argh.. Look a decoy --------------->I should add for everyone that Im open to real ...2006.04.19 03:40:00
- Hey Guys,I currently have my entire T1 BPO collection up on escrow in Agil for 1.25bill. If you chec ...2006.04.19 02:52:00
- Signed...Ganked last night, lost +3 implants, expensive hardwirings.. Damn you VC :P I fear death no ...2006.02.20 20:29:00
- Well.. I was playing around with setups as a joke, and stumbled across one that Ive been using for a ...2006.02.20 03:55:00
- I hadnt actually tried the T2 ammo in my intie setups yet.. So I thought Id plug it into Quickfit an ...2006.02.19 07:15:00
- This isnt strictly related to your topic... But I watched "Serenity" the other day, and absolutely l ...2006.02.16 02:40:00
- Id like to order one of the Thanatos packages (ie with fighters and such) :) Contact me in game. ...2006.02.15 20:56:00
- Free Bump.. This guy is highly recommended. :) ...2006.02.15 02:37:00
- Blasterthron (and its variants) in the proper hands (ie Farjung) :) Testing a bhaalgorn against a V ...2006.02.08 00:53:00
- Edited by: Dreez on 07/02/2006 20:50:48I personally dont get whats so frikkin über about these facti ...2006.02.07 23:33:00

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