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- "I just wish CCP would not make all the zones look exactly the same."To him, the zones meant the s ...2011.08.18 12:40:00
- Tinak Genry,8,20,31,35,56,77,78,88,97,166 ...2011.07.25 14:59:00
- Devs, if you can please respond.Will original fiction, ie in character pieces of writing used to des ...2011.07.18 11:48:00
- I already have a short story written in character about an aspect of the EVE Cluster that I think wo ...2011.07.11 12:18:00
- Hello everyone, I'm Tinak Genry (Aaron M Pollyea) and I want to represent everyone on the CSM.What ...2011.03.03 19:53:00
- I have to say I'm really impressed. This would add a lot of layers to the game that would be interes ...2011.02.09 14:36:00

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