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- if u wanna move 1k plex.. use a orca.put plex into corp hangar. it cant be scanned and if you explod ...2010.12.21 12:18:00
- trajectory analysis 5(even tho i have all t2 guns and rest of the support 5... never botheded doing ...2010.12.16 07:57:00
- allso. missiles accelerate they dont fly out at max speed. or has that been changed ? ...2010.12.06 11:52:00
- Long ago, CCP really and truely parked Concord for a day.Admittedly, that day was not 'saved' (Tranq ...2010.12.03 15:53:00
- I once lost :arge Projectile Turret 5 after I trained Large Artillery Specialisation, and I've used ...2010.12.02 10:59:00
- I unsubbed two alt accounts because of this christmas gift.Still thinking if giving this last one a ...2010.12.01 10:33:00
- Edited by: Riho on 01/12/2010 10:22:34 ok, the way i see thing with the learning skills:1) you get ...2010.12.01 10:19:00
- are you ready to be dropped ? :Di have 2 cyno alts + 1 with covert cyno ready in that system :) ...2010.11.30 14:27:00
- Seriously though, bought isk or moon gold he isn't sharing? lol.. bought isk... so in that case anyo ...2010.11.27 08:26:00
- i invest around 1,3b every week and expect about 2b back.. sometimes more and sometimes less. if its ...2010.11.26 13:53:00
- Sader Rykane said " This is easily solved by not spending your 5.3 million SP as soon as you get it ...2010.11.26 12:39:00
- on my main i will train caldari BS 5 (then i have all 4, and dunno about the rest yet) Alts... real ...2010.11.26 08:54:00
- hint: apoc can do more alpha with arties than pest... :) not much if u have BS 5 for minni tho, but ...2010.11.24 07:57:00
- Omega implats need cybernetics 5 +5 stat implants need it mybe some more i have forgotten ...2010.11.19 10:31:00
- could have just read the info :)DOWN WHILE I ANALLY **** THE DATABASE HAHAHAHA Clarification, i am ...2010.11.12 21:54:00

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