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- Edited by: Crewsock on 26/03/2011 11:40:44 Conspiracy Theory: What if the motivation for this chang ...2011.03.26 11:40:00
- Edited by: Crewsock on 12/02/2011 13:32:31 1. Target Painters "Epileptic Disco Effect" Mentioned H ...2011.02.12 13:29:00
- Edited by: Crewsock on 08/02/2011 18:03:12 Offer withdrawn. Found what I was looking for. Good lu ...2011.02.08 03:32:00
- Edited by: Crewsock on 30/11/2010 13:27:54 CCP, don't listen to all of these players who are fright ...2010.11.30 13:27:00
- Thanks for the info Sepi. I took a look and found that core_public__.dat, and core_user__.dat both ...2010.08.01 11:58:00
- All forum avatars appear blank to me as well. the link you gave " ...2010.07.31 15:57:00
- Last week I had some friends over who also play eve. After the obligatory "hey lets log in and show ...2010.07.31 15:37:00
- Unfortunately, a Game Master is your only help at this point. It is a pain I understand as my little ...2010.07.31 15:29:00
- .kinda hope you get hit with the ban stick.Why is that? because i offer a founded opinion about some ...2010.06.29 15:09:00
- seems to me but when they give something away for free and fix a few things shouldnt one be grateful ...2010.06.29 13:39:00
- Edited by: Crewsock on 27/05/2010 19:55:36 Thank you CCP for the updated Scorpion class ship model. ...2010.05.27 19:50:00
- Since CCP is probably checking this thread periodically today. I couldn't find anything about tomor ...2010.05.25 12:53:00

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