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- Personally I think they should create Santas Sleigh and let us ride around on that! ...2009.12.16 01:22:00
- Not able to get in-game atm, Able to supply any details? ...2009.12.14 01:20:00
- Buuuuuuuuuuump! ...2009.12.10 20:58:00
- 1x Kaikka's Modified Large Shield Booster: 180mil Located in Jita 4-4Hit me up here or in-game if yo ...2009.12.10 00:00:00
- Edited by: Aeon Jonas on 17/10/2009 12:29:19 Another idea would be a rat race across EVE? From the ...2009.10.17 12:28:00
- Sounds silly but some sort of good cause?Use some of your isk and work in conjunction with Chribba a ...2009.10.17 11:53:00
- They let me join, their standards are looooooow... ...2009.10.06 15:35:00
- Rawr!Downloading naow! ...2009.05.13 12:17:00
- I have an Estamel's Modified Siege Missile Launcher if you are interested? ...2009.05.11 02:42:00
- Edited by: Aeon Jonas on 05/02/2009 17:37:00 Meh ...2009.02.05 17:33:00
- Your kills are going to be on there anyway as other boards will have some of your mails from when yo ...2009.01.20 15:39:00
- Watched, I'm not in it man! I thought you would of frapsed my awesome luck with the black ops gang m ...2009.01.15 04:20:00
- Reserving spot once watched video.This better be good and feature me god damn it! ...2009.01.15 01:01:00
- Awesome fight, and my battle report on how it went. This is only how I know it went. Battle report: ...2008.11.21 19:44:00
- HOLY **** MURDOCH IS FAMOUS! /o\ ...2008.11.14 23:12:00

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