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- Mildly bothersome, I cannot access any saved fittings on this character but I am able to do so on my ...2011.03.22 13:17:00
- Feigning interest in helping while actually trying to sleep. ...2011.03.11 16:13:00
- @ Vodd-ick (stupid filter)My likely course of action; 1: Dump the entire load on the best avaiable ...2009.12.27 00:18:00
- @ Vod****.Well, you do make alot of sense. As far as prediction goes this one is as good as any. But ...2009.12.26 21:57:00
- If your not paying for the account... you have no business exploiting an game mechanic.Market prices ...2009.12.26 19:07:00
- Edited by: Darax Thulain on 26/12/2009 15:50:34 Not saying you should. Im just saying what the resu ...2009.12.26 15:50:00
- You guys need to think this through before voting for this. At the moment it is not easy to know how ...2009.12.26 15:18:00
- And claimed. ♥ ...2009.09.21 10:17:00
- Could you send one of them to "Kallus Revelin" through secure? \o/ ...2009.09.21 10:06:00
- Send it to the character; "Kallus Revelin" plesh! ...2009.07.22 17:09:00
- I support this suggestion with all my heart. Minesweeper EVE 4twDarax ...2007.09.23 21:36:00
- Arh, unresearched! Whats this item of profound beauty worth! Give me your valuable input! ...2007.06.09 10:10:00
- How come you dont have the requirements for the advanced learning skills, but still have them? Smell ...2007.05.03 20:09:00
- Yarr, I like mine. But its made in paint and stuff. *grins* Loads of good ones on here making my nig ...2007.04.26 00:20:00
- Just wanted to say that I wholeheartedly agree that violating 1v1's sucks real bad.However, fedor ju ...2007.02.08 19:35:00

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