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- By the way what games are the core CH folks starting to move to out of curiousity?Those that still ...2010.09.16 15:57:00
- Edited by: Mistress Suffering on 18/06/2010 17:39:10 *edit* reading comprehension ftw ...2010.06.18 17:38:00
- Clearly ROL fielded that illegal pilot because they had no one else in the alliance that could fly t ...2010.06.14 20:38:00
- Will you have the nerve to put your Frekis on the line again?I'm guessing not ;) ...2010.06.14 20:08:00
- Tell you what, in order to smack in this thread, post your own blue list first.Then we'll compare EP ...2010.06.02 22:28:00
- I know its posted somewhere but can't find it.Flagship fitting submission is just via in-game mail t ...2010.05.31 18:38:00
- This wouldn't change much vs big corps, but at least smaller corps could be ninja reinforced to ac ...2010.05.16 00:53:00
- The current system basically encourages the use of more and more numbers and less strategic thinking ...2010.05.16 00:46:00
- Ed: Anyone else notice how Cry Havoc is pretty much the only people defending supercarriers in low ...2010.04.29 06:56:00
- I suspect Viper is just worried some CCP random who doesn't actually play with clueful groups will r ...2010.04.27 05:37:00
- It does seem odd that you can't see the kills/losses it is using to drive its data. Yeah, I suppose ...2010.04.26 06:10:00
- Goons correctly identified CH's fatal weakness and reacted accordingly. We don't have the attention ...2010.04.22 01:05:00
- Prediction:April 1st rolls around (notice a date here).IT Announces: April Fools morons. Why would ...2010.03.22 19:16:00
- Agreed. There's no reason Minmatar need to be as disfunctional as they are right now. ...2010.02.08 23:12:00
- MH get a lot more bad press than they deserve. They got sat on by PL (painful) then were focal poin ...2010.02.02 01:19:00

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