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- Don't account share people, even with your pets. Fluffy got his eyes on your Nyx!This is the single ...2011.08.31 19:20:00
- Edited by: Jiska Ensa on 16/08/2011 22:05:03 The reason i hate Null Sec. I log into EVE instantly s ...2011.08.31 15:58:00
- However, since the CSM members are players too, I find myself wondering how much of that information ...2011.08.31 15:50:00
- Wow, that post just screams "bitter vet"... ...2011.08.31 15:41:00
- Edited by: Borun Tal on 31/08/2011 15:29:01 Once again, wtf is "ninja" about flying up to a mission ...2011.08.31 15:28:00
- Edited by: Borun Tal on 31/08/2011 15:18:47 Man up, go to war, and maybe make a new friend.If you'r ...2011.08.31 15:18:00
- People have been saying FW is dead/dying the entire time I've been playing. My time in FW is a blas ...2011.08.31 15:15:00
- I hope nobody takes this personally, but most of the replies in this thread a full or crap, or compl ...2011.08.31 06:29:00
- Have any of the CCP Mouthpieces (ie, CSM) replied yet? 3 Months to alter the transcripts (let's fac ...2011.08.30 16:28:00
- All of the pictures in the opinion piece (ie, all the animals seemingly slapping their foreheads) fi ...2011.08.30 15:43:00
- ps: rockets fail.Did you miss the patch where they got buffed? They are quite good now.A pair of f ...2011.08.30 15:39:00
- Sure, these things might look trivial (but they aren't) , but I want all parties to agree on the min ...2011.08.30 15:24:00
- Edited by: Borun Tal on 30/08/2011 15:15:00 Hawk is a fun ship in DED1/DED2 sites... No point in o ...2011.08.30 15:13:00
- Offer posted. ...2011.08.28 07:20:00
- Offers up for goffer d and JAYB2, thanks! ...2011.08.28 07:08:00

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